What is your dream senior session?  
For weddings, we capture the moments and emotion of a couple's love for one another and are pretty good at doing so. For a senior, we want to capture the individuality of your inner soul. We want to find the very nature of all the things that make you who you are as a unique and beautiful person. You are about to embark on a journey that will imprint on the world yourself as a human being. Who are you today? What defines you and separates you from every other senior? That's what we are after, the simplicity of just you. We work with your dream to cultivate an experience to unveil to the world, you. Our senior sessions are an on location natural light session with a model like atmosphere. They are full of energy, fun and admirably different from any other.

The 111

The #111societygirl


What is the #111SocietyGirl

She is the girl that dreams to one day conquer the world.  She knows opportunities are not impossible. She is the young inspiration to her peers to do the same.  She is the future of this world to be brave and prove as a woman that life is what you make of it. 

Have we find you?  What are you dreaming of conquering? This opportunity is possible right? If you aspire to inspire and are brave enough as a woman to ignite this world ...you may be a #111SocietyGirl



She is the one that grows our society.

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A One Eleven senior session will be laid back and fun yet full of energy and inspiring bringing out the best of you.  Sessions are on location in either an earthy environment or with an urban downtown feel.  Additionally, seniors can add make up and hair, multiple session types or locations is desired.  We would love to speak with you more on your dream senior experience! 

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If you are inspired and intrigued by the unique opportunity above simply click below to apply to be one of our #111societygirls and we will be happy to indulge you with more information about this exciting oppotunity for young women


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